Product Review: Rimmel Scandaleyes Thick & Thin Eyeliner




So for my first product review I’ll be reviewing the scandaleyes thick & thin eyeliner by Rimmel, as it’s my most recent eyeliner experiment. Now if you’re at all like me, and find liquid eyeliner an absolute chore this may be the solution for you. I absolutely struggle with liquid eyeliner: it’s seems to cause a massive mess all over my face, tends to sting my eyes, and does everything except go in a straight line.

The thick & thin eyeliner is a lot like a felt tip eyeliner which makes it much easier to use than traditional liquid eyeliners. I feel like I have a lot more control over where it’s going so I’m not there till the end of time trying to straighten it out. It actually ends up in a straight line without much effort. It means I can actually wear liquid eyeliner before work. Usually I have to stick to pencil eyeliners for work, which end up smudging everywhere despite being claiming to be waterproof and the ones which aren’t waterproof tend to be grey.

Contrary to what I would have thought for a felt tip eyeliner: it was not grey but a very dark jet black. It doesn’t crumble all over my face and given that it’s waterproof it doesn’t budge so it’s pretty smudge proof and most importantly it doesn’t sting!

Like it says on the package, it can be used to create a thick or thin line effortlessly. So if you struggle with liquid eyeliner I’d definitely recommend it. And priced at £5.49 you really can’t go wrong with it. Go on, see for yourself.

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